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עו"ד רן רייכמן

Over 97% success and wins

Win a lawsuit? It's us. Attorney Ran Raichman is a strategist and experienced veteran

Successful management and victory in thousands of divorce and family law cases make the difference in court

Attorney Ran Reichman is known in the field for his assertiveness and uncompromising fight for the justice and rights of each of his clients. He is also known for the warm and personal relationship and dedicated support he provides to each client.

Over the decades, the expertise and extensive experience he has gained in managing complex procedures, drafting documents, and legal opinions – achieved results repeatedly.

You're not alone!

We are here at your service so that you get everything you deserve.

Our Services

Management of divorce proceedings

Property division

Alimony agreements

Custody agreements and witness arrangements

Dispute resolution, family mediation, divorce mediation

Treatment of parental alienation cases

Drafting of financial and publicly known agreements

Publicly known and same-sex marriage

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What sets us apart

The Ran Raichman law firm is a leader in family law, divorce, wills, inheritance, and estate

Experience in managing thousands of complex divorce cases and achieving success in 98% of the cases

Expertise and experience of over 23 years in the field of divorce, division of property, alimony and child custody

Choice of Dan & Bradstreet for a leading firm in Israel in the field of family law and divorce for 2024

Personal treatment for every customer. Uncompromisingly fighting for your rights until complete victory

Expertise and extensive experience in mediation and settlement of divorce disputes, family mediation and veterans of parental alienation

Comprehensive and up-to-date knowledge regarding legislative changes and their impact on the management of complex divorce cases

Huge wins in court for our clients

Attorney Ran Reichman and the firm's staff have over 23 years of experience in the various courts

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